Syllabus (B.A. Ist Year)

Drawing and Painting :-

I. Fundamentals of Principles ofArt
II. Materials and Methods
III. Sketching/Drawing Practical

Economics :-

I. Micro Economics
II. Basic Quantitative Methods for Economics

English Literature :-

I. Prose (for detailed study)
II. Drama (for detailed study)

Georaphy :-

I. Physical Geography
II. Human Geography Practicals

हिन्दी :-

I. प्रचीन हिन्दी काव्य
II. हिन्दी कथा साहित्य

History :-

I. History of India (uptoA.D. 1200)
II. (a) World History from mid 15th cent. to ;1814A.D.
III. (b) For regular students only Archaeology of India (From Indus valley              civilization to 6th century B.C.) Practical

Political Science :-

I. Political Theory
II. Comparative Govt. and Politics

Sociology :-

I. Basic Sociological Concepts
II. Society of India

संस्कृत :-

I. नाटक, अलंकार-एवं छन्द
II.सुगम पाठ,व्याकरण एवं अनुवाद

ग्रह विज्ञान :-

I. ग्रह प्रबन्ध एवं ग्रह कला
II. परिधान एंव पोषण विज्ञान
III. प्रायोगिक(Practical)