Syllabus (B.A. IInd Year)

Drawing and Painting :-

I. सिद्धान्त
II. प्रयोगात्मक
III. प्रयोगात्मक

Economics :-

I. Macro Economics Theory and Public Finance
II. Money Banking and International Economics

English Literature :-

I. Poetry (for detailed study)
II. Fiction (for non-detailed study)

Georaphy :-

I. Economic Geography
II. Geography of India
III. Practical

हिन्दी :-

I. अर्वाचीय काव्य
II. हिन्दी नाटक, निबन्ध तथा स्फुट गद्ध विधायें

History :-

I. History of India (from 1200-1760A.D.)
II. (a) World History (from 1815 to 1945A.D.)
III. (b) Historical Archaeology of India (from 6th century B.C. to 12th century             A.D.) (only regular students) Practical

Home Science :-

I. Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition
II. Mother Craft or Child Care

Political Science :-

I. Representative Political Thinkers
II. Indian Govt. and Politics

Sociology :-

I. Society in India
II. Social Change in India

संस्कृत :-

I. गद्ध, पद्ध एंव व्याकरण
II. संस्क्रत साहित्य का इतिहास,संस्क्रति तथा निबन्ध

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