Syllabus (B.A. IIIrd Year)

Drawing and Painting :-

I. (Theory) History of Indian Painting
II. Practical Pectoral Composition
III. Practical Portrait Painting

Economics :-

I. Structure, Problems and Indian Economy
II. Economics Development & Planning

English :-

I. Drama (For detailed study)
II. 20th Century British and American Poetry

Georaphy :-

I. Evolution of Geographical Thought
II. Environmental and Development
III. Regional Geographyof SAARC countries (Excluding India) Practical

हिन्दी :-

I. प्रयोजन मूलक हिन्दी
II. जनपदीय भाषा साहित्य(उत्तराखण्ड का हिन्दी साहित्य)

History :-

I. History of India (from 1761-1950)
II. Indian Society and Culture through the age

Political Science :-

I. International Politics and Relations
II. Element of Public Administration

Home Science :-

I. Human Development
II. Housing & Interior Decoration Practical

Sociology :-

I. Social Research
II. . Rural Sociology OR Field Report (Optional)

संस्कृत :-

I. वेद एंव उपनिषद
II. काव्यदर्शन एंव व्याकरण