Principal's Message

Learning is a life-long process and not something that ends when compulsory education comes to an end. Consequently, I am pleased that you are seriously considering continuing or re-kindling your studies in order to fulfill your ambition.
The success of our college rests on the outstanding contribution of our staff that is dedicated to making the college a place where both quality and education are the priorities. They are committed to helping people of all ages and abilities achieve their aspirations, whether they are aiming for higher education, employment or career progression. We are truly a comprehensive college.
In the classroom, the laboratory or the studio, you will be exposed to ideas and methods across a variety of disciplines. Learning how to understand, apply, criticize and communicate these is a major part of your academic task. This is both challenging and rewarding, and there is considerable support to help you succeed in your studies. Individual professors, the staff of the Learning Center, and the many academic support personnel of the College are all approachable and will work to help you take full advantage of what the college has to offer.
We are all very pleased to be part of B.S.M. (P. G.) College and with our basic values constantly tended and enhanced, we try to ensure that this is a college that is willing and able to innovate. It is a college that offers our students and staff a myriad of opportunities and one all of us can be proud to be a part of, including you, our newest students.

I wish you the best in life.

Captian (Dr.) Gautam Veer

B.S.M.P.G.College Activities